George Xenoulis was born in Athens in 1944 and upon completion of his studies he left for Africa. It was not until 1990 that he went back to Greece and has since then been working and living in Athens. The artist drew his first impulses for sculpturing from the art of the natives living in Central Africa (Kinsangani). He was impressed by the primitive conditions and the almost non-existent tools and equipment that the natives used to create amazing works of art and micro-sculptures, using materials such as ivory, ebony and malachite.

Afterwards, George Xenoulis moved to Pretoria in South Africa where he studied the art of sculpture and at the same time was fast becoming an expert in the use of plaster, clay and bronze-making techniques. Since then he has been dedicated to the art of sculpture, creating numerous works inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the region’s nature and the sea.

The following sculptures – that adorn certain regions of Greece – have been bought by Town Councils:

  • The Boy and the Dolphin, on the island of Hydra
  • Dimitrios Vikelas, National Airport, on the island of Syros
  • Olive and Olympic Flame, in Hermoupolis, on the island of Syros
  • Mermaid – Panagia, in Kini, on the island of Syros
  • Delphis, on the island of Kastelorizo
  • The Mermaid of Poros, on the island of Poros

Some of his works have been privately purchased while others stand in public places such as Ministries, banks, schools, museums and public libraries as well as in popular neo-modern art collections. The artist has participated in major art exhibitions in various parts of Greece and abroad and has also organized personal exhibitions. His works have been accredited by renown Art experts and critics.