The Artist’s Statement

Sculpting is a creative art without restrictions that gives me the ability to reveal my ideas, emotions and inner feelings through the work that I create.

It is a long journey, a journey with many destinations and with many sources of inspiration. When you are creating art, you get swept away into another world, a world of your own, into your own dimension where you spend countless hours giving form to the perception and feelings flowing from your heart, your mind and your soul. But in your dimension, time does not exist because for you… it simply stops.

In order to start creating a work of art, it is essential to draw upon your feelings, experiences, perceptions and influences. The more intense they are, the more accurately the creation will reflect what you want to express.

Where do these influences originate from? From countless sources of inspiration and these are many. From our mythology for example, our history, from nature, the animal and plant kingdom, from the world of emotions, from the tendency of man to be free, from our beliefs.

I remember that never in my life – and I am not young – did I experience the divine drama, the grief and the pain in all its intensity and grandeur, as when I made a crown of thorns. I followed his path all the way to the cross; it was an incredible emotional journey.

Another tremendous source of inspiration for me is the divine creation we call the human body, male or female. When I work on these subjects using clay, it’s exhilarating. With little intervention, you can completely change their physical form and expressions showing joy, pain, fear, anger, irony, anguish, passion, love. And you can see, touch and give form to all these things. In that moment you experience a dialogue … they speak to you and you speak to them.

So tell me, is there anything better than this journey?

I wish that all these creations don’t have the need to be attached somewhere or stand on surfaces rather they should have the ability to float like poems and the dreams that we see when we are in another dimension.