Athena Schina | Critic & Expert on the History of Art

Ever since he was a young child, George Xenoulis had the ability to design and form objects using various materials. During his long stay in Africa he became familiar with materials, techniques and forms not only in the work-place of the natives that were located inland, in the centre of this significant but unknown continent, but also in Pretoria (South Africa) where he later studied. In spite of his long absence from his homeland, he maintained his love for Greece and its culture. Throughout every stage of his career as a sculptor, he was always inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the nature of the Mediterranean’s region and the sea.

George Xenoulis creates artwork that is distinguished for the micro technique of the subject matter. This artist is skilful in both designing and shaping his objects with ease, whilst bringing out the characteristics of the material used which is mainly bronze, to which he attributes various tones through his own techniques.
Xenouli’s works can be divided into two categories: Those that decorate useful objects, including small-scale independent sculptures and those that constitute his large compositions that autonomously stand in open air.

A distinct characteristic of the artist is his sensitive approach to each of his individual designs, the material he uses and particularly his inventive skills. His free-standing sculptures imply mobility in their design and his works impress with their realism and liveliness, such as leaves and fruits, but especially for their accuracy, their qualities and the sensitivities they impart to the viewer.

Kyriakos I. Valavanis, «Smyrneos» | President of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Literature & Art

The enormous work of sculptor George Xenoulis includes not only a rich thematic variety, but also a disciplined symmetry, a remarkable architectural structure, mature sensitivity, mobility and an idealistic selectivity, elements, that characterize and distinguish both his simple as well as complex sculptures.

Authentic yet at the same time inventive, he presents works that convey emotion, knowledge, internal structure, art and technique, with a clear expression of artistic authenticity. Xenouli’s works tell stories and myths, with romance, with idyllic images of tenderness, even ecstasy.

George Xenoulis is indeed a unique and acclaimed artist, in the difficult field of sculpture.